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Ted West

Ted West has been writing about cars for 40 years. He has been Feature Editor at Sports Car Graphic, Articles Editor at Car And Driver, and Senior Editor at Outdoor Life reporting on trucks and SUVs. He is currently a Contributing Editor at Car And Driver. West has written about automobiles for Road & Track, The New York Times, Sports Car International, Excellence, Bimmer, Hot Rod, AutoWeek, Christophorus, The Motor (London), and Reader's Digest. In the 40-year history of the Ken W. Purdy Award, West is the only three-time winner, earning what is considered the most prestigious award in automotive journalism once for an article in Car and Driver and twice for articles in Road & Track. West wrote a novel about world-championship auto racing based on his European coverage for Road & Track. He loves cars as much as he ever has, and he is amazed at how greatly they have improved, especially in the past 10 years.

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