1994 Chevrolet K

By November 10, 1999

If you’re big on four-wheeling, you probably should give consideration to Chevrolet’s K Blazer. Sure, the basic vehicle is hardly a new entry as it celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Many of the rough edges have been smoothed in styling, handling and performance, but it’s still basically the same vehicle it was a quarter century ago-and enough of a crowd pleaser to keep Chevrolet (and GMC with its full-size Jimmy) pumping them out. Ford also continues to make its full-size Bronco for the same reason.

We drove a 1994 edition Sport model with a much-improved 6.5-liter 180-hp V8 diesel. When considering the K Blazer Sport with the diesel, you have three major issues to confront. First is price. This muscle-bound four-wheeler is going to cost you nearly $30,000 MSRP when equipped like our test model. Next, people of smaller stature are going to have trouble entering and exiting unless you get aftermarket running boards. And last, the restricted rear seat/cargo space doesn’t really offer a lot of easily accessible room.