1994 Chevrolet Lumina

By November 10, 1999

First the good news: We found very little to dislike about the the '94 Chevrolet Lumina Euro Sedan. In fact, some characteristics-including impressive power-train response and credentials-pleased our test team a bunch.

Now the bad news: There's little, if anything, about this front-wheel drive, four-door sedan that qualifies it for the leading edge of the midsize sedan category.

In keeping with Chevy tradition, the Lumina Euro Sedan presents the midsize shopper with good-to-excellent value. Our test vehicle had an MSRP of $18,432. In return, the Lumina Euro provided a responsive 3.1-liter V6, a smooth four-speed automatic transmission, an absolutely superb Delco/Bose AM/FM stereo and a host of power assists. The same price included one of the surest stopping four-wheel anti-lock braking systems we've tested, some nice interior touches and ample passenger and cargo room. It also included ride/hand1ing characteristics that put the Lurnina Euro Sedan on the threshold of the sporty category.

Still, this car left us with the feeling of being neither underwhelmed nor overwhelmed.