By November 10, 1999


Once the LS V6 arrives, the Galant will span the midsize car range in terms of features and prices. From the base model S to the fully equipped LX V6, there will be a Galant fighting for top seeding in every niche in the market.

The Galant counters its strong opposition with a top-quality product; a car that is visually attractive, drives well, delivers good performance and is likely to be above average in reliability. It’s an impressive piece of work.

On the down side, this car is sold and serviced by a relatively small dealer network. That’s no problem if there’s a Mitsubishi outlet near your home, but it can lead to nervous moments on the road should there ever be a problem.

But if the Galant is successful in sales, which wouldn’t surprise us, then that should lead to a larger sales network. And that expanded network, in turn, will cause deliveries to increase even more.