2000 Honda Insight

By January 26, 2000
2000 Honda Insight

This car is different from any other on the road. The two-seat Honda Insight looks slippery and futuristic. And it is. According to Honda, it is the most aerodynamic production car on the road. And it is the first gasoline-electric hybrid car sold in the U.S.

The Insight offers the environmental benefits of an electric car without the hassles. It drives like a normal small car, yet it is the most fuel-efficient and cleanest gasoline-powered car in the world. Its tail-pipe emissions are bettered only by a zero-emissions pure electric car. It’s just the sort of car environmentalists should love.

Model Lineup

Just one model of Insight is available, which retails for $18,880. Adding the factory-installed automatic climate control brings the price to $20,080.