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Who we are: Founded in 1994, New Car Test Drive is the leading publisher and distributor of car reviews in the United States. Each year, New Car Test Drive and its team of seasoned automotive journalists publish hundreds of comprehensive model reviews and previews. The content is specifically designed to provide in-market buyers with the type of information they desire before making vehicle purchase decisions.

The reviews and previews are syndicated across hundreds of the leading automotive sites on the Internet, ranging from search engines and third-party car buying sites to individual dealerships and automobile manufacturers. On a limited basis, we also syndicate the content to newspapers and magazines for print publication.

New Car Test Drive was purchased in July 2006 by Internet Brands, which also owns CarsDirect.com, Autos.com, GreenHybrid.com and Wikicars.org.

How we work: Our job at New Car Test Drive is to tell you in simple terms what it’s like to drive the latest models. We put hundreds of miles on hundreds of cars and take detailed notes of our impressions of each of them. We report our findings back to you, along with meaningful background information and significant numbers – all in an effort to help you decide what kind of car to buy. Our goal is to offer reviews of all major nameplates sold in the USA.

Now in its 15th year of operation, New Car Test Drive is not some pick-up group of Internet car junkies. Our correspondents are professionals who have been evaluating automobiles for many years (click the Test Drive Team button). They write for national automotive magazines and newspaper syndicates. They love cars — some even race them as a hobby. But they all have been instructed to view each vehicle through the eyes of its prospective buyers. Our readers are people who are shopping for a new vehicle. A new automobile represents a big purchase decision, and your vehicle has a daily effect on your lifestyle.

Our commitment: We continually work toward improving the quality of our reviews and do our best to keep up with the more than 200 constantly changing model lines. We take detailed notes on every vehicle we drive and refer to them every time a review is produced. So read our reviews and check other sources. Your car represents a significant expense and, more important, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in it. So you might as well enjoy it.