Best Commuter Car 2018

Updated: November 8, 2017


The all-new Honda Accord is the Best Commuter Car for 2018, according to New Car Test Drive. Those who must endure a two-hour commute through heavy traffic twice each day will find the 2018 Accord a refuge.

If your idea of a commuter car is one that tops the fuel economy charts, then skip this article and refer to those charts because you don’t need us for that. But, if what you really want is the ideal vehicle for surviving the daily stop-and-go, a veritable cocoon shielding you from a freeway swarming with angry worker bees, then look no further than the all-new and highly refined Accord lineup.

Yes, the Accord gets great fuel economy, with an EPA-estimated 38 mpg Highway as standard equipment (and even better with the Accord Hybrid). And yes, they’re safe, loaded with all the latest active and passive safety features.

But what sets the new Accord apart is its refinement. The smooth, responsive powertrain, the smooth ride, the crisp handling, the precise steering, the ease of the ergonomics, the navigation mapping, we could go on, all combine into a cohesive, relaxing commuter-mobile.

In short, we’d choose the new Accord for tackling SoCal’s 405 on a Tuesday morning or a lap around the Capitol Beltway late afternoon on a Thursday. Or if we had to go anywhere near Atlanta or Boston.

Traffic around the big cities is horrendous. And if it seems like it’s getting worse, it’s because it is, in fact, getting worse. All the statistics point to that.

You need a comfortable chair to endure it all. The Accord is that chair.

The 2018 Accord features a new chassis, wider, lower than before, riding on a longer wheelbase. The cabin is roomier and quieter, and it comes with new engines.

Two engines are available. We’d choose the upgrade 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 10-speed automatic. It’s smooth, with a flexible power band, and it offers quicker performance than that of the standard 1.5-liter with CVT.

The new Accord feels more refined than the new Camry or any of the other cars in its class. It’s a four-door sedan, so it’s easy to open a door and toss a briefcase or whatever else you’re lugging into the back seat after a long day. If you need to haul other people around you can do that. The trunk is massive, so airport runs are not an issue.

2018 marks the 11th year New Car Test Drive has bestowed the Best Commuter Car title.

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