2010 North American Car of the Year – Ford Fusion Hybrid

Updated: January 24, 2010

The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid was named North American Car of the Year for 2010 by a jury of 49 independent automotive writers and reviewers from the United States and Canada. The Fusion Hybrid topped a field of 27 all-new cars to win the coveted award in its 17th year.

“The Fusion Hybrid offers a remarkable combination of hybrid technology and fun to drive performance and handling,” said Tom Lankard, a NewCarTestDrive.com correspondent one of the 49 jurors who voted for the award.

“It’s easy to drive and feels like a regular car,” said Mitch McCullough, New Car Test Drive editor in chief. “Your passengers may never notice unless you tell them.”North American Car of the Year

Combining an electric motor with a gasoline engine, the Fusion Hybrid returns an EPA estimated 41/36 mpg City/Highway. That beats other midsize hybrids, including the Toyota Camry Hybrid (33/34 mpg) and Nissan Altima Hybrid (35/33 mpg). The only midsize car that beats Fusion fuel economy ratings is the Toyota Prius (51/48 mpg), and it isn’t a traditional midsize sedan.

“Though not the first hybrid on the market, or even the second or third, the Fusion Hybrid is simply the best one ever built,” said juror Csaba Csere, former editor of Car and Driver magazine. “In addition to delivering terrific mileage, it looks and drives like a regular car, and a very good one indeed.

“A lot of automotive awards are given out each year,” McCullough said. “But the North American Car of the Year award is different. Rather than coming from a single media organization, it’s decided by 49 independent automotive journalists, eliminating any chance of collusion or outside influence. “These journalists represent the best from print, radio, television, and the internet.” Among the media represented: Car and Driver, Road & Track, USA Today, Chicago Sun Times, Detroit News, Chicago Tribune, Fortune magazine, AutoWeek magazine, Edmunds.com, and NewCarTestDrive.com.

The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $27,995, including the $725 destination and delivery charge.

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