ReviewLink Benefits

ReviewLink turns your site into an information resource and keeps your customers on your site longer:

  • Research has shown that 65% of all vehicle shoppers use the Internet as a research tool, and over 80% of these shoppers rate model reviews as a vital feature. With ReviewLink, your web site can offer that source of objective, third-party information, and your customers won’t need to visit outside sources.

ReviewLink builds customer trust:

  • New Car Test Drive reviews are the most widely distributed reviews on the Internet. Most of the leading automotive sites on the Web post NCTD reviews, including many manufacturers and third-party buying services.
  • Thousands of visitors a day read our reviews on As such, online customers recognize the New Car Test Drive brand as a trusted resource.

ReviewLink enhances and streamlines the sales process:

  • After reading NCTD reviews on your web site, your customers will have a better understanding for the features and benefits associated with the vehicle of their choice. As a result, when NCTD reviews are provided on your site, a good part of the sales process can be completed even before your customer visits the dealership.

ReviewLink is simple to install and requires no ongoing site maintenance:

  • Once your order form is submitted, NCTD provides you or your web developer with simple instructions to add the reviews to your site.
  • Once the reviews are installed, you’re done forever. NCTD has created an automatic updating program that assures a maintenance free experience. We’ll automatically add new reviews and sneak previews to your site for the duration of your agreement.

All of the content will be presented within your site, without any linkouts to other web sites.

ReviewLink is an incredible value. Contact us for information on pricing.