1998 Chrysler Town & Country

By November 10, 1999
1998 Chrysler Town & Country

The only certainties in life, so the adage goes, are death and taxes. We'd like to add another: Year in and year out, Chrysler will set the standard for minivan styling, design and function.

Given the rocky financial road the company traveled in the '80s, it's assuring that Chrysler continues to deliver on the minivan front. Indeed, complacency is not a word you'll find in the Chrysler designers' handbook.

In 1996, Chrysler redesigned its world-beating minivans from the ground up. And this year, just to let buyers know they're not resting on past success, Chrysler has again upgraded its minivans with enhancements, refinements and new equipment.

Chrysler has always shown an ability to keep ahead of the competition by offering varying configurations to suit different types of buyers. The company gives buyers a choice among three nameplates, Chrysler Town & Country, Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan. Each offers two trim levels and each comes in short- and long-wheelbase versions.

The stylish, upmarket Town & Country LXi offers a long list of luxury amenities as standard equipment with a base price in the $32,000 range. The more modestly priced Plymouth Voyager and its lookalike cousin, the best-selling Dodge Caravan, take a different tack by focusing on value. That doesn't mean the Voyager and Caravan are lacking in amenities: Although lower-priced, they also deliver the goods when it comes to styling, convenience, comfort and handling.

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