2014 Porsche Cayman

By December 10, 2012
2014 Porsche Cayman
On Sale: Spring 2013
Expected Pricing: Starting at $52,600

A new Porsche Cayman goes on sale next spring. The 2014 Porsche Cayman echoes the changes to the 2013 Boxster, a new vehicle that is lower and longer yet lighter and faster than that it replaces. It also gets different air intakes and styling at the ends to help it look less like a Boxster with a hardtop.

As before it is offered in plain Cayman and Cayman S versions. The Cayman uses a smaller but more powerful 2.7-liter flat-six of 275 hp, while the Cayman S uses a 325-hp 3.4-liter flat-six with larger standard wheels and brakes. Both engines rev higher, with peak power at 7400 rpm and an 8000-rpm limit, both use stop/start for improved city mileage and both use dry-sump lubrication that holds twice as much oil as most cars. A 6-speed manual is standard, Porsche's 7-speed automated dual-clutch PDK available. EPA ratings are expected to be around 20-22 mpg city and 28-32 highway.

Suspension has been retuned for the longer wheelbase and larger wheels (18-20 inches) and the steering assist is now electric. Assuming the 2013 Boxster is a good indicator, the Cayman's handling should be superb, and plenty of options in suspension management and torque vectoring are available on those bent more on maximum speed than driving purity. Stout brakes are standard, the S front discs right off the 911, and ceramic-composite optional.

Nearly 45 percent of the new Cayman body is aluminum, including the long rear hatch that helps carry 15 cubic feet of cargo if you stuff it to the roof; your dealer can help with ski and bike racks.

Inside, the Cayman's center consoles rises to the dash creating a sportier environment and lifting the screen closer to sightlines. The traditional key-on-the-left ignition and central tachometer remain, while one nacelle is used for a 4.6-inch display for myriad functions. New two-tone upholstery combinations are offered, including shades like Agate Grey matched with Amber Orange or Lime Gold.

Options new to the Cayman include adaptive cruise control, Porsche entry & drive (pushbutton start) and an 800-watt, 12-speaker Burmeister sound system.

The 2014 Cayman will start at $52,600 MSRP, according to Porsche Cars North America, not including $950 destination charge. Cayman S will retail for $63,800. Don't expect to find those prices given Porsche's extensive and not inexpensive option list, however. A Cayman with Premium package and PDK will run $63,000-plus, while a Cayman S with special paint, Burmeister sound and all the performance bits (wheels, brakes, suspension and differential) will be pushing $100,000.

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